Yamaha’s second helicopter drone for agricultural applications approved by FAA

Yamaha’s second remotely piloted helicopter Fazer has received an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States for agricultural applications.


The Fazer features improvements from previous models including 50% more payload capacity. The Fazer has a fuel-injected four-stroke engine. Other improvements include a new control system, cleaner exhaust emissions and quieter operation.


The first Yamaha helicopter drone was the RMAX. According to the company, Yamaha has been operating remotely piloted helicopters in commercial applications since 1991, including agriculture.


“We have found the Yamaha RMAX aerial applications to be a novel, efficient, and effective approach to controlling fungal pathogens in some of our most challenging vineyard blocks,” Caleb Mosley, Senior Viticulturalist for Michael Wolf Vineyard Services said in a news release.  “The increased payload and output offered by the FAZER coupled with the expertise of Yamaha’s pilots and support staff, shows a commitment to the viticultural plant protection field that we are pleased to be able to utilize in our vineyards.”


And for another example, in Japan the company has more than 2,500 drone helicopters used in agricultural applications, which accounts for applying 35% of the pest control products in Japan’s rice fields.

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